PowerMarketing® has a combination of capabilities that make it unique. PowerMarketing® is a ground-breaking platform for monitoring and interacting in real-time with your website visitors that delivers true live and unlimited interaction.


Just with one line off code you will have endless marketing features

Visitor connected presence

Granular one-by-one visitor connected presence and behavior monitoring, including navigation patterns and conversion funnels

Chat and content

Full duplex interaction abilities, such as operator or visitor initiated chat, sound or content interaction

Multimedia content push

Pre-defined or on-the-fly customized and personalized multimedia content push to visitors, with the ability to automate based on rules and conditions

Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking for complete focus and tracking of ad campaigns originated visits

Automated actions

Powerful automated actions through rules-based engine, with flexible yet easy configuration


Straightforward automation metrics visualization

Why you will love PowerMarketing
Integrated and seamless presence over web, mobile and social

PowerMarketing® features not only Web abilities but also offers integration with your mobile applications thru several SDK’s (like for iOS and Android) and social networks (like Facebook).

Interact with the visitor without loosing the context

PowerMarketing® includes features that allow to communicate with your visitor using SmartTags that automatically fills your communication messages, banners or content templates with visitor related data, like the name, e-mail or promotion codes.

Humanization vs automation

PowerMarketing’s multimedia interaction capabilities – image, content, sound, chat – give human operators the right tools to pick and choose the accurate time, mode and amount of density applied to visitor interaction.

Specific business goals

By establishing specific business goals through website navigation patterns and behaviors, appropriate actions can be triggered in real-time, automating the process of conversion and raising the engagement value.

Conversion Rate
Average Order Value
Less Bounce Rate

Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil, the largest Brazilian and Latin American bank by assets, and the third by market value, is using PowerMarketing® on their websites and home-banking platform. According to Simon Luiz Kovalski, Director of Banco do Brasil, the effectiveness of the credit contracts, through accepted chats, it was about 37%. For the automated approaches, via banners for security products, the effectiveness reached 23%. The volume of credits traded through this technology, in the first nine months of 2015, was approximately 200 million BRL. (source: http://economia.ig.com.br/)

At the end of the day an effective digital strategy should be measured against business objectives and performance indicators. There are three main strategic business vectors that are able to leverage PowerMarketing’s capabilities.

Who is using PowerMarketing®?

  • Banco do Brasil
  • Oi
  • Ponto Frio


Dynamic Cloud Manager (DCM) is an enterprise grade tool to orchestrate and manage applications anywhere. It’s advanced auto-scaling capabilities and customization allow businesses to obtain mission critical uptimes to meet their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


It allows to automatically scale an infrastructure, to make deploys and configure servers in a cloud environment.

Cloud Orchestration

Manage any public, private, and hybrid cloud environment.

Predictive Intelligence

Auto-Scale your infrastructure based on business KPIs so your end users have the best QoS.


Simplify management and reduce errors by automating your infrastructure.


Optimize the use of applications in your infrastructure and reduce the cost of power, VM licenses, and management.

Fully Customizable

Nubium DCM can be customized to work with any application. Use Java extensions to tie directly into the Key Performance Indicators of your application and monitor the metrics that are critical to your business.

Run Anywhere

Nubium DCM is very flexible and can run in any environment. From the public cloud to a highly secure off the grid private cloud, Nubium DCM works with VMware, AWS, Azure, Cloudstack, and Openstack.

Disaster Recovery

Nubium DCM will be constantly monitoring your applications in real-time. In the event an application becomes unavailable or fails, it can failover and divert traffic to another datacenter or cloud environment (i.e. Amazon East to West, Amazon to Azure).


Nubium DCM was designed to be deployed as a SaaS platform, allowing the management of different customers in a single server. In a completely sandboxed way customers will have access to their accounts and manage their infrastructure directly from the Nubium DCM Dashboard.

Denial of Service

With Nubium DCM monitoring your KPIs and other metrics in real-time, it can quickly detect that something abnormal is happening and prepare the infrastructure to better absorb the extreme loads. This will buy you some time so your security software or team can intervene to stop the DoS attack.

On a given day we are delivering over 2 Million messages per second at peak and falling back to 150,000 messages per second at off-peak. We use DCM to intelligently manage our vast infrastructure between 9 global cloud regions to ensure we are delivering messages at the lowest latency possible while curbing infrastructure and resource costs to only use what we need.

Cloud Bursting

[kloud burst-ing] Verb. Cloud bursting is an application deployment model in which an application runs in a private cloud or datacenter and bursts into a public cloud when the demand for computing capacity spikes.

Nubium Dynamic Cloud Manager can enable cloud bursting by giving you the ability to manage your applications regardless of the environment in which they are hosted. For example, if Nubium detects that your application in your datacenter has hit capacity, it will spin up new servers in the public cloud.

Cloud bursting enables a Hybrid cloud model. To learn more, see our Hybrid Cloud solution.


Nubium DCM can be leveraged in the public cloud to scale infrastructure better than Amazon, Azure, or any cloud provider not using DCM. By tying into business KPIs, Nubium DCM can intelligently scale up or down to save on costs by only using the resources required.


Nubium DCM can support your applications in just about any environment. It supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, Cloudstack, and VMware environments. Nubium DCM can also manage your applications simultaneously in multiple cloud environments.

QA/Test Environments

Nubium can be used to manage entire environments, especially when they are not being used. It can be scheduled to bring up the QA environment before working hours and bring it down after working hours so that resources are not wasted.

Predictive Auto-Scaling

With Nubium DCM predictive auto-scaling, your applications will always use the number of virtual machines required to effectively run your infrastructure. This can help you save money on resources such as power, VM licenses, or cloud computing time.

Be prepared for a great demand

Nubium DCM leverages the Realtime platform to constantly monitor your applications in real-time. It allows you to use Java extensions to tie directly into your business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By monitoring KPIs instead of just CPU and memory, Nubium DCM can intelligently predict when your business will require more or less resources. This allows it to have the resources ready before there is a great demand or abundance on CPU or memory (making it already too late at this point).

Who is using Nubium DCM?

  • Sky Store
  • Oi
  • Realtime Corp


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